Hanna C. & Co. is an interior design company, whose goal is to improve the quality of your life by designing and delivering your dream home or workspace.

Our design work is always customer driven and every project is carried out based on the customer's preferences and budget. The spaces designed by us are comfortable, functional and stylish. We create both modern and classic interiors, always with impeccable taste!


We are a full service company.  We help you in all aspects, from  planning and procurement all the way to final implementation. Check out our picture gallery of projects  we have done for our customers. Please don’t hesitateto contact us!. We also serve customers  outside the Helsinki region by providing design work  based on layouts and photos.


”We were lucky to find Hanna to help us out! I gladly recommend her, because she is both competent and nice to work with. With her help we avoided making expensive mistakes, saved time and money and got the home we had always dreamed of."
U. Reitamo, Espoo

"Now that we have almost finished all the renovation work, we can say that the result is excellent.
We have often talked about how lucky we were to have chosen you as our interior designer."

A. & E. Kuparinen, Vantaa

"Hanna’s help has been invaluable in all of our home renovation projects. She has slowly become the guiding hand that has changed our entire home from the kitchen to the sauna. Hanna is a great listener. She is attentive to your needs and wishes. In this way, her new ideas quickly feel as if they were your own. We will surely be inventing new challenges for her in the future. I fully and warmly recommend her! " L. Vähänen, Espoo