© Hanna Chaker

Believe it or not, but this cozy home is just an ordinary flat in a -70’s apartment building block in Vantaa! Timo wanted a stylish, yet cosy home – done with a very tight budget. I chose all the materials, colors, textiles and furniture for him.

At the beginning, the apartment had a boring beige laminate on the floors and grayish white walls everywhere. A sizable amount of the budget was invested in the new, walnut colored laminate floor. That in itself brought warmth and a cozy atmosphere. Red, gray and black were Timo’s favorite colors, so I designed around those.

Walls were painted in warm white, red and various shades of warm gray. Timo’s three daughters come in for weekends, and they chose purple for their room. All furniture, textiles, paintings and lamps were replaced. The balcony floor was also boarded over and decorated to fit the indoor décor.

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