© Hanna Chaker

This project began when the mother sent a letter asking for decorating help through Talo&Koti (House&Home) –magazine. I made this design for my Ask the Decorator –column (which you can read  here »).

The room is small but has a high ceiling. It has an entrance to the attic high on one wall. The ladders used to climb there were dangerous for children, and the kids didn’t like playing in the small room.  The family fell in love with my design and wanted our help in the implementation.

The custom-made stairs were finished with a dark stain and funny shaped handrails. Our carpenters built the flock / tree house according to the design. A fairytale artist Petronella Grahn painted the walls with her stunning fairy tale paintings. The curtains and bedspread were custom-designed by Petronella to fit her paintings.

Now the room is loved by kids and adults alike! Visiting kids reportedly never want to go home, and want to stay here and play...

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