© Hanna Chaker

I bought this gazebo in the same year as we bought our house. During the last 10 years, it has changed its location once – but the interior has changed several times. I'm very happy with the current interior. After taking these pictures I found the perfect curtains to match the seaside-style and from our trip to France, I brought back some wonderful sea-themed decorative items. I’ll take some new pictures this summer and post them in my blog. Our gazebo also functions as a cigar room for my husband, where he can enjoy a private cigar moment or celebrate a special occasion with a big Cuban cigar! An infrared heater in the ceiling combined with a bioethanol fireplace allows us to use the gazebo also during fall and spring.

Our gazebo will be presented as part of our garden design on Liv-channel’s The Most Beautiful Garden –competition during the spring 2013. Read more about the gazebo’s furniture and decoration in my blog »

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