© Hanna Chaker

Our customers had bought this spacious Kannustalo a few years ago. The newish house was partly unfinished at the time, because the sellers had run out of steam, money and love. The unfinished bathrooms were done immediately, before moving in, but the rest of the house was largely in its’ original state.

The final sparkle for hiring an interior designer came in the form of new leather couches that didn’t fit into the living room. However the project was not limited to the placement of the sofas. A decision was made, that all interior surfaces and lighting would be redone. Also the kitchen, storage cabinets and staircase were redesigned.

The customers wished for a classic, country-style decor, using an earthy colour-palette. Most of existing furniture was used in the new interior design, just placing them differently. The result is an unique, personal and functional home. Read more about this project and see the Before-pictures.

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